Friday, June 24, 2011

W.H.A.L.E. : Important Information For All Parents

About a week ago, I read an article posted by a friend concerning a car accident.  Here is the link for the original article.

As a parent, this article touched me on many levels.  I also started thinking about what would happen if I got into a car accident by myself with the boys.  I always seem to think I am invincible.  I would be perfectly fine and level headed during an accident.  However, the reality is, I might be in shock or unconscious.  If that were to happen I would want the response team to be able to help my children and call my emergency contact.

Immediately after reading the article I order my W.H.A.L.E. (We Have A Little Emergency) kits for the car seats.  We have three car seats, two for my car and one for Jay's.  I ordered one kit for every car seat.  The kit is easy to fill out.  Simply fill out the information sticker with your emergency contact information and your child's name and D.O.B. (I also included my children's allergies to medications.)  Place the sticker on the back or bottom of the car seat, where it is not visible from the window.  (This insures your child's privacy.)  Then place the Whale stickers on the window of the car and the car seat, so emergency responders know you participate in the program.  They will know to look for the information sticker.

I now have a little more peace of mind when I travel with the kids.  Whether it's going to the grocery store or on a long trip, I know first responders will have more information to help us.  I feel anyone who has a child in their car at anytime should have these kits on the safety seats.  Parents, grandparents, and child care givers, please pass this information along to your loved ones.

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