Monday, June 13, 2011

Abracadabra: A Simple Guide To A Kids Magic Party

The party day came and went, and in my opinion was just perfect.  My little boy enjoyed an afternoon with friends and family, and thanks to video will have this memory forever.

The planning part was actually quite simple.  In years past when throwing a party, I always wanted to cram too much into an event.  As all experiences provide a lesson, I learned that a few simple, heartfelt ideas can go a long way.

Adam requested a magic party.  I went to my favorite party supply website, Oriental Trading, and started to scope things out.  To my surprise, I found plates, napkins, party favor ideas, and decorations.

I wanted a few simple activities for the kids to do as they arrived.  I decided on "magic" bookmarks, that when the kids draw on a their design it is revealed in rainbow colors.  The kids also decorated their own magician hats with stickers.

The food was also kept simple.  I ordered pizza, and provided fruit skewers and a vegetable platter.

After the meal was complete we enjoyed a rainbow cake, which I will give step by step instructions to in tomorrow's post.

To round out the activities we had a pinata and a magic show.  The price of magicians for a children's party can be very expensive, so I enlisted my husband to provide the entertainment.  The guests and myself were pleasantly surprised as how good he actually was.  He learned tricks the month prior from a magic book.

Finally as the kids were heading home we offered them a few party favors. Included in the bag were magic tattoos, stickers, their own box of tricks, and a magic wand.  I made the magic wands from doweling and then painted them with sparkle paint.

My best advice for giving a party, is keep it simple and stick to one theme.  My next project: Brandon's Toy Story birthday in November!

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