Monday, March 7, 2011

Organizing Recipes's been a whole week since I visited the blog.  My computer was hit by a nasty virus and I was computer-less for several days.  I didn't realize how dependent I am on the computer, until I was without it.  What did I do before the land of cyberspace???  Anyways....I am back and have a neat little tip for organizing recipes.

I'm sure there are a lot of people who already do this, but I thought it was a simple idea and wanted to share it.  Several months ago, while having coffee with a friend, she showed me this HUGE 3 ring binder filled with recipes.  She loves to print recipes off of the Internet and tear pages out from magazines.  Her dilemma was she didn't have a proper place to store them.  Then a family member gifted her a really cute binder with dividers and lots of page protectors.  Viola, a new system for organizing her recipes.

Well, I finally got my rear in gear and made myself a smaller version.  I found a pretty binder for a couple of bucks, some dividers and page protectors.  It took me an evening of sorting, but it's done.  I have all my printouts and magazine clipping in one place.  Now they won't get lost or dirty and are handy for my culinary needs.

You can make this as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  Personalize it with an adorable front cover and get yourself organized.  I also do think it is a fabulous gift for a friend or loved one.  In fact, make it and include a couple of your favorite recipes to get them started.  Below are a few pictures of mine, but get creative and send me the pictures of your creations.

Festive 3 Ring Binder

Add Dividers and Page Protectors

Add Printouts

Add Magazine Clippings

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