Monday, February 28, 2011

Cupcake Spotlight (March 2011)

When I think of St. Patrick's Day, I don't think of green beer and corn beef cabbage.  I think of leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold.  This months feature is inspired by the wonderful images of rainbows.  Now I can't claim to have invented this technique, but I can show you how it's done.

I was cruising around the Internet and saw a patriotic cake done in red, white and blue.  It had a wonderful layered effect and I thought I could just change up the colors for a rainbow.  Then I simply made them into cupcakes instead of a big cake.  I also used a large cupcake pan, which is equivalent to about two regular size cupcakes. 

This technique is very simple and can be adapted to any color scheme.  For example, pink, purple and white for a princess party.  Let the creative juices flow and have fun with it.

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