Tuesday, November 30, 2010

December Cupcake Spotlight (Black Forest Cupcakes)

December is here.  The holidays are among us.  I wanted this month's cake to have a festive feel and give a great presence.  I always think of Black Forest Cake as being something special, so why not do a cupcake???

I have had many requests for cupcakes using cake mixes.  I can understand people wanting the ease of a mix, especially near the holidays.  However, you can make this cupcake with your favorite scratch chocolate cake, just add the cherry flavoring to the recipe.

Now traditionally, Black Forest Cake has a cherry flavored liqueur.  I have substituted it with maraschino cherry juice instead.  I did that for one simple reason. I wanted to make a universal cupcake that would respect everyone's lifestyle choices.  That being said, if you rather use cherry liqueur, go ahead, I will never know.

This cupcake is so simple to make, and definitely has a great presentation. You can make it like I have with the red cherries, or be really creative and look for the green or blue maraschino cherries.  Be your own little cake designer and enjoy this month's special cake :o) 
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