Friday, December 3, 2010

Snow Ball Cookies

I love getting food gifts.  Unfortunately, I don't get many. I think a lot of times because I cook and bake, people don't think I want their food gifts.  I relish getting food gifts, especially home made ones.  So to my surprise the other day at preschool, my friend gave me a little baggie with snow ball cookies.

I was in seventh heaven.  Not only were they delicious, it's a cookie that I never make.  It was so thoughtful.  I ate them all in one day. I asked her for the recipe and she let me know she got it off the internet.  The next day at preschool she gave me the printout.

The recipe is super easy and I decide to post the link for it.  It would be a marvelous addition to your cookie platter this season.  Check back in a couple days for ideas on how to gift vanilla sugar.

To get the recipe for snowball cookies, a.k.a. Russian Tea Cakes, click here.

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