Monday, February 25, 2013

Fine Dining

Can I get an Oh Yeah?  That is a phrase my little one loves from Kindergarten.  That is also how I felt after unpacking most of the new house this week.

Yes, I did unpack everything except for the basement.  That is a work in progress.  After unpacking, I felt I deserved a reward.  So, I went furniture shopping for the dining room table. 

The shopping didn't take long.  I went in to the store wanting something a bit traditional, but not too traditional.  Make sense?  I found it right away.  I decided on a Mission Style set, that fits the traditional aspect.  The non-traditional part is, the table is square and counter height.

The square table was a no-brainer.  My dining room is not very big, 11 feet by 11 feet.  So, to put a traditional rectangular table in there wouldn't make sense.  I would have limited seating options.  When I started measuring, seating six would be OK, but still a bit tight.  Using the square table, we can seat eight very comfortably, and the table itself is large.  This allows for plenty of room when dining formally or casually.

I also decided on just the table and chairs for the room.  I probably could have squeezed a hutch or server in there, but it may be cramped.  I have plenty of storage elsewhere in the house, so for now we just have the table and chairs. 

I sorted through my pictures and paintings, and decided on a floral, orange theme.  I hung a photograph of a poppy from my old garden, along with a painting I had of poppies.  My dad expertly hung the curtain rods, and simple chenille curtains finish the space.

The result: simple yet elegant, traditional but not "too" traditional :)

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