Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Are you always tuned in?

Yesterday at school pick up, I mentioned to my friend I had a stomach ache.  She responded in her lovely Missouri accent, "You think?  No wonder with all that is going on."  Gosh, I really love her. Her candor makes me laugh.

So yes, it is no wonder my tummy hurt, probably from stress.  However, all the moving nonsense will be over very shortly. 

Which brings me to my question, Are you always tuned in?  Meaning are you always tuned in to  your children and others around you?  My answer is no.  Life happens and sometimes things slip by.  I was reminded of this the other day in the car.

I was having one of those mornings where everything seemed to go wrong.  I was taking the kids to school, and I was on the verge of tears, when I heard a little voice from the backseat.  "It's alright mommy, you're great, you can do it!"  My five year old is cheering me on.  I asked where he learned that, and he told me in school.  It helps him get through tough things at school, and I should say it when I need help too.

So my point is, I may not always be tuned in, but more often than not our children are.  Since then, even though I am stressed, I am making more of point to be tuned in to what my kids are hearing and observing from me.  I save my emotional breakdowns for my friends :)


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