Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Portable Hobby

I love to craft, cook, and bake.  Unfortunately all the crafting and most of my baking items are 300 miles away, settled in our new house.  So I had to find a  new, more portable hobby. 

On my last visit home, Amy taught me a basic scarf.  It's not a true knitted scarf, but one of those ruffled scarves made from a crocheted type yarn.  She literally taught me in one afternoon.  Since then I have made four more.  I will be gifting these scarves to friends and family over the course of the year.

My next project to learn, is a dish cloth.  This requires true knitting technique.  I am eager to learn and super excited to have a portable hobby.  My boys even wanted in on the action, and this evening played with knitting needles and scrap yarn.  Brandon made everything, from socks to mittens (in his mind anyway).

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