Thursday, January 19, 2012

This & That

What have I been up to lately??? Well, a bit of this and that.  I have been completing a few chores off of my to do list. 

First, I started organizing my closet.  My closet isn't really messy, but has a jumble of sizes, clothes that are stained, and things that I just don't wear anymore.  I am really trying to simplify my life this year.  So I decided to tackle the clothes.  I purchased the velvet space saving hangers at our local TJ Maxx, and want to know what???  They actually do save on space, but now I have a whole bunch of plastic hangers.  So anybody who lives locally who wants hangers let me know :)

I was also looking for new sauce pots.  I had a 1 quart and 3 quart sauce pot that was losing the non-stick coating.  I have had these pots for over 10 years and have served their purpose.  I was doing some online browsing and was stunned at the price of single sauce pot.  I put that one my list for something to get later on.  Well, while I was buying my hangers, I ventured over to the kitchen supply section of TJ Maxx.  Presto!!! I found a 3 quart Rachael Ray sauce pot.  Guess how much???  Done guessing?? 

Fifteen dollars!!!!  SCORE :)  I didn't care that it was yellow.  Who is really going to see it, but me?

We also got a family membership for our local YMCA.  Adam already had a membership for his swimming lessons.  Jay and I have kicked around the idea of a family membership for awhile.  This year we finally decided to take the plunge.  We received a credit for the remaining time left on Adam's membership, so our first month was practically free. 

Today I enjoyed my first workout there.  I say enjoyed, not because of the actual exercise but because of the company I was with.  A big thank you to Leigh and Michelle for being my workout buddies on my first day.

So that's about it. I filled you in on my latest activities.  I am working on some new recipes (I ordered a special pan for a special bread).  Be happy and healthy, and I'll be back soon!

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