Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Blogs That I Read

I don't blog a lot about what I read.  So I figured I would share a few of my favorites.

First I love The Pioneer Woman.  You may have recently seen her on the Food Network with her own show.  She also has a few cookbooks, but well before all that success she was and still is a blogger.  I enjoy watching her on the Food Network.  She's very down to earth.  I love reading her blog because she has such a variety of things.  Also she writes in a natural voice, it's like having a conversation with a girlfriend.

I also follow my neighbors blog, Project Anthologies.  She gives great ideas for sewing projects, D.I.Y. furniture items, and also shares her wonderful stories of life.

Two of the first blogs I followed with regularity were introduced to me by a dear friend.  There are Whimsical Creations and The Gourmand Mom.

For my comic relief, I enjoy the sassy tales from two great ladies.  The first is Dude, WTF???  The other one is Musings on the Precipice of Sanity.  (These haven't been updated in a bit, but when they do post it's worth it!)

Which blogs do you follow??? I would love to hear :)

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