Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snow Measuring Stick

I wasn't going to post this, but I have had a tremendous response from people who have seen this.  I do a monthly craft with Adam's first grade class.  We have done Halloween luminaries, caramel apples, mosaic cornucopias, and gingerbread houses.  This month we are doing a snow measuring stick. 

I originally saw this in a party supply catalog.  They were offering a kit to makes these, but the cost was too high to purchase 18 of them.  So I broke it down, and started looking around for supplies in my own craft bins.

The main part of this is a paint stir stick.  I have an in with the store manager of Lowe's here in Oneonta ;)  So I asked for a donation of paint sticks, and I opted for the larger sticks used for the 5 gallon cans of paint.  Then I painted it white, added a pipe cleaner for the arms, and a fun foam hat.  The scarf is scrap fleece I had, and the rest is done with markers.  I marked inch increments. 

Now when it actually snows here in Oneonta, the kids can measure how much we have.  It's great to help teach Math and using a ruler....but it's really cute too!

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