Saturday, July 16, 2011

Celebrate Your Child's Art

We are back from vacation, and I'm just a little bit tired.  I have a new respect for my parents.  When we were little and wanted to keep going at amusement parks, my parents never let on how tiring it is.  They made it look so easy.  We are planning a Disney trip, but I think I need a few more years to prepare for it!

I had planned on posting this last week, but had some technical difficulties at the hotel with our WiFi connection.  Oh well, so here it is today.

When my oldest son brought home his Kindergarten art portfolio, I was impressed.  He seems to have some abilities when it comes to painting.  Now I will admit, I am probably biased.  However, most of the painting was really good.  One piece that Jay and I really loved was his still life of flowers in a vase.  This is the same piece that made it into the art show for the school district. 

I decided to frame this painting.  I was looking for a new art piece for our family room.  I painted the room several months ago, to a very neutral grayish white.  The walls definitely needed a pop of color.  Then I found myself staring at Adam's painting and it hit me.  I will celebrate him and his talents by framing it and hanging it proudly in our home.

I found an inexpensive frame and with a slight trim, voila!  I hung it up, and just watching the smile spread across Adam's face was priceless.  He kept asking me that whole night, if I want him to paint any other paintings for the house.  He was proud and so was I.

So the little tip for today, is find a piece of art your child is proud of and display it.  It can be a painting, drawing, or a craft.  Use a frame or shadow box to show off your child's creativity.  You can also change it out.  Use a standard paper size like 8" x 10", then when your child has made a new masterpiece just switch it out. 

Displaying their art will give them confidence and encourage more creativity.  Not to mention it is a conversation starter when guests come to visit!

Adam at the art show

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