Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Journals

I have had a secret for a long time.  It's nothing too juicy.  Ever since Adam turned one, I would write him a letter on his birthday.  In the letter I would tell him why I was proud of him. I would mention special moments or accomplishments.  I continued to do so for Brandon as well. 

My letters were simply on notebook paper, and put into an envelope.  I put the envelopes in their baby books.  I have never mentioned this to anyone, not even my mom (who I tell everything).  I figured someday when they are grown up, I would give them the letters.  Life is so rushed and sometimes little moments can be forgotten. I never want my children to forget how much I love them.  I want them to know that I took the time each year to write them a letter, because I am so honored to be their mom. I also want my boys to see their lives from my perspective as they were growing up.

So about a month ago, a friend of mine turned me onto a series of books.  One of things in the book that struck a chord with me was the anniversary journal.  The couple would write to each other every year on the their anniversary.  Through hard times and good times, they had those thoughts and feelings documented.  It was reflective for the couple to be able to read the journal through the years.  It helped them to remember the little things that made their relationship. 

I decided to make my letters a little prettier, and more organized.  I bought two journals, one for each boy.  I will put the previous letters in the journal, and will continue to use the journal for the future.  One day I will give the "birthday journals" to my boys.  I hope it will be reflective for them too.  Perhaps it will be a tradition to pass along, as it was in the novel.

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