Monday, May 16, 2011

Investment That Pays For Itself

As most of my loyal followers know, I am very frugal.  I watch our pennies and try to spend them wisely.  That's not to say I don't make the occasional splurge.  In all honesty, saving on a daily basis allows us to make a few really nice splurges.

So what investment am I speaking of today?  A kitchen scale (mine cost under $20.00).  It is valuable for many reasons.  One of the reasons I bought a kitchen scale was to help monitor my portions.  I have been on a weight loss journey since I was a teenager.  I am very strict with what I eat, but still wasn't losing enough weight.  Once I bought my scale and started measuring the food, I had an epiphany!  I was preparing low fat food, but eating too much of it.  I measured my food, until I understood a correct portion.  Now with the knowledge of correct portions, the weight loss journey became a bit easier.

The picture below shows a perfect example.  The bowl on the left is the correct 30g of low fat cereal.  The bowl on the right is probably what most people pour for breakfast, almost 3 times the correct amount.

The other really terrific use of the scale is for pre-measuring snacks.  The scale I bought has programmed nutritional information in it.  I just scroll through to the correct food item, and the weight of it, gives the correct output of data.  Now I use it portion out crackers, dried fruit, snack mixes, etc. 

Making your own 100 calorie packs is so wise and economical.  Unless you have some really great coupons and the snack packs are on sale, doing yourself will be cheaper.  I also like to have the snack bags handy for lunch boxes.  When I make lunches in the morning it is so easy to go to the snack bowl, and just pick a bag.  This also makes it convenient to keep a bag or two in my purse for unexpected hungry kids.

So, invest in a scale and make a investment in your health!

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