Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September's Cupcake Star

Well are you ready for September's cupcake???? Here it is: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cakes with Mum Inspired Decoration.  The real star of this sweet treat is the flower design top. I love fall, with all the colored leaves and crisp air. I love the fall so much, I even got married in September. (My wedding cake featured a leaf motif and all the flowers were in autumn hues.)  So I decided to make a cupcake that was very simple to make and would make an impression, but reminded me of the famous fall flower: the mum. These cupcakes would be perfect for a fall bake sale. The technique is very simple and once you learn it, change up the colors to pastels for a baby shower or do red for Christmas.

Now remember the recipe will only be featured on Cupcake Spotlight for the month of September!  Return next week for Wholesome Wednesday!

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