Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ghostly Wreath

Years and years ago, when I first started craft shows (almost 20 years now), I would make these ghost wreaths and brooms every fall season.  They would always fly off the table and then I got away from them, wanting to do new ideas.  Well, I figured it was time to dust off an oldie but goodie.  This wreath idea can be adapted to any size and any budget. The one I did cost $4.00.

What you need:

wreath form (grapevine or straw)
small to medium bush of fall flowers
white glue
wire cutters
used dryer sheets
floral wire (for bow)
ribbon for tying the ghosts (curling or spool-o-ribbon)

This is really easy and takes about 15 minutes worth of work. 

First thing is make a bow using the instructions found at my previous post, Bow Making 101 and set it aside. 

Next, snip off the floral stems from the bush using wire cutters and leaving about 2 inch length on the stem.  Simply start arranging the flowers on the wreath in a nice pattern, remember to work in odd numbers, three or five and leave room at the top or bottom for the bow.  Dip the ends of the stems in white glue before inserting them into the wreath, this way they will hold.

Finally, make the ghosts by using two dryer sheets. Take one dryer sheet and roll it into a ball (you can also use a cotton ball for this), this will be the ghosts head.  Then take the next dryer sheet and drape it over the head and tie it off with curling ribbon. Viola, a ghost. Attach them to the wreath with white glue.

Allow the wreath to dry over night. You can also use a glue gun for immediate dry time.  This is a great project to have the kids help with. It also teaches about recycling and reusing the dryer sheets that would normally be tossed away.

another idea: make ghosts and attach pin backs for a cute holiday decoration

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