Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lined Simple Apron

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.  Our was quiet at my mom's, but pretty perfect.  It's the first year the boys went back for seconds and thirds.  They normally eat a holiday hot dog, but this year both boys ate the Thanksgiving dinner.  It only took 9 & 7 years ;)

With the holidays in full swing, I figured some of you may want or need a quick little gift idea. It would be adorable paired with a cookie or brownie in a jar recipe.

I say it's quick because I made it in about two hours.  For me that is terrific.  I'm sure for an experienced sewer it may be an hour project, but I was impressed with my efforts of one evening.


  • sewing machine
  • scissors
  • thread
  • fabric pen or pencil for marking
  • iron
  • 2 coordinating fabrics, 1 yard each
  • additional piece of fabric measuring 28" x 12"; this fabric is for the neck strap and waist ties so it can be one of the above fabrics or another coordinating fabric
First wash, dry, and iron the fabric.  The apron will be washed, so you don't want it shrinking afterwards and getting all wonky....yes that is a technical term.

Second, trim any loose threads.  With the smaller piece of fabric cut two 28" x 3" strips (for waist ties) and one 24" x 3" strip for neck strap.  I left you a little bit extra on the supply list in case of error.

Fold the strips with right sides together lengthwise and sew a seam, making a long tube.  With the neck strap you can leave both ends open.  With the waist ties, sew one end closed. 

Turn the straps right side out.  There is no easy way to do this. I use a pencil or knitting needle to help ease the fabric through the tube.  It takes patience! Iron all the pieces and set aside.

Now onto the body of the apron:

Trim pieces to 22" x 36". With right sides together layer front and back of larger rectangles.  Pin in place to avoid shifting.

Measure 6" down from the top and mark with a dot.  Then measure 5" in from the sides and mark with a dot.  Connect the dot to a make a 45 degree angle and draw a line.  This makes the angle on the top of the apron.

Here comes the trickiest part....and it takes a bit of thinking.  You want to position the waist ties and neck straps.  Fit the unfinished end of the ties into what will be the side seam, on the inside of the two pieces of fabric. Pin in place.  You won't be able to see the ties when you are sewing, but when you turn the garment right side out, they will be in place.

I measured by side straps down about 4 inches from the bottom of the 45 degree angle.  You really want to take a few minutes to play with this.  If want them higher or lower you can adjust accordingly.

You also want to place the neck strap in the same way. Pin in place.  This is a bit easier, as I just placed them at each end of the top of the apron. Remember the neck strap will be on the inside of your project as you are sewing.

Now sew together the seems.  I started at one side of the bottom hem and worked by way around, leaving about six inches on the other side of the bottom hem, for turning the project right side out.

Finally, turn the opening at the bottom to make a seam and stitch.  I ran a top stitch along the entire bottom hem to make the seam look intentional.

All these measurements are approximate for an adult.  You may need to lengthen or shorten the neck strap, waist ties, or length of the garment to fit the person who it is for.

I like it because it is lined with a coordinating fabric and gives a very finished look.   Also I used both fabrics on the neck strap, since technically it can be considered reversible, and to give it a fun look.

Good luck!

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