Monday, January 7, 2013

Moving Along

In my last post, I share that we are moving home.  So I figured I would update everyone a bit on our progress.  

The home inspection is complete on our new house.  The inspector was impressed and found no issues.  That is so good to hear.  He also confirmed the steal we are getting, with all the upgrades the previous owner put in.  Yay for us, we are blessed.

The house in Oneonta is waiting for the mortgage appraisal to come back.  Then we can proceed on both houses with closing dates. 

I am just about packed.  I need to attack the basement a bit more, but for the most part we are looking good.  Now I am trying to figure out furniture placement for the new house.  This is important seeing I won't be there when everything is moved.  Me being completely controlling, I will have room plans set up to pass along to the movers.  I will have to rely on Jay a bit, as he will be on the other end carrying out my wishes.  He did well last time we did this, so I have confidence he will do well again.

I have been so nervous that something will fall through on the new house, but now I am more confident all is well.  That being said, I will share a few more pictures.

Open Concept Kitchen

Master bath (love the tile wall)
There are double sinks too, just can't see it in the pic

Family Room

Nice Stamped Concrete Patio

Rear View

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