Sunday, December 30, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

Four years ago we purchased our house in Oneonta, NY and moved the children across the state to a new adventure.  I won't lie, I was not a happy camper.  I never wanted to leave the suburbs of Buffalo, and I certainly didn't want to move the children away from their family.  In fact, I always thought the day I would put a for sale sign on Irving Place, would be the happiest day of my life.

Well, I was wrong about so many things.  Now that we are embarking on moving back to suburbia, I have many mixed emotions.  I look at all the friendships we have made, and my heart is aching, especially for my boys.  Brandon is leaving the only home he remembers, and Adam is leaving his best friend.  Moving Adam away from his dear friend is very difficult.  One may ask, how close can two 7 year olds be?  Sit in the same room with them for 5 minutes and you will see.  I am thankful that Adam's little friend's parents are great.  They both have committed to helping the boys stay in touch. I am also thankful for social media to help stay in touch with all of our friends we have made in Oneonta.

I now look at this time we spent here as a learning experience.  I am also so blessed to have met some incredible people and families. 

So will I miss everything about Oneonta??  Uummm.....NO!  I will not miss the 120 year old house I live in.  We have a sale pending on a newer home in Lakeview, NY.

Oh, and our house in Oneonta sold in record time....three days! 

So we are setting out on a new adventure.  The boy's and I will finish the school year in Oneonta and will be renting an apartment for several months.  Fun times ;)

Jay will be starting a new job as a district manager, for a company not in the retail industry.  We are welcoming his new hours, and more time for the family.  I am also thrilled to be moving home!  I have missed so many of my friends in Buffalo!!!

Hey, I just thought of house=more blog material!

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