Thursday, September 27, 2012

Name Bubbles

School is in full swing and we already lost an article of clothing.  The third day of school Brandon's little jacket went missing.  I searched the classroom, asked the teachers, and even checked the lost and found.  Well, it's lost and not yet found. 

Even if it is found, I forgot to label it with his name.  I'm normally really good about labeling the clothing, but we were in a rush that morning and I forgot.  So, that night I started marking everything with permanent marker.  The only problem was, some items weren't able to be marked.  Either the color was too dark, care label was too small, or it was plastic and the marker wouldn't adhere.

I started researching labels.  I actually had found this website last year, but never bothered investing in them.  Well, this year with two boys in school, I made the investment in Name Bubbles.  After browsing the selection, I chose the preschool pack.  It had a variety of sizes, along with labels that were dishwasher safe and laundry safe.  Then I simply chose the color scheme, style, and what I wanted it to say.  I chose just our last name, this way I can use them for both boys.

When they came in the mail, I was so excited.  I labeled lunchboxes, coats, hats, water bottles, etc.  I even have ones for shoes and boots.  The water bottles have been washed numerous times and are still intact.  This little ditty is worth the price :)  Check out the website above!

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