Saturday, August 11, 2012

Family Vay-Kay!

We are back from our annual summer family vacation.  We went back to Pennsylvania this year.  It's actually been our destination for the last few years.  Three years ago we visited Sesame Place (twice in one summer).  Then last year we went to Hershey.  This year we went back to Hershey. 

We stayed in Lancaster, PA at the Eden Resorts.  It is really family friendly there, and the location is desirable for exploring.  The hotel also has a wonderful outdoor play area for the whole family, including mini golf, pool tables, jungle gym, a water pad, and a new pool.

So what did we do on our vacation?  The first day was dedicated to driving there and relaxing at the pool. 

That's Brandon playing my Kindle under the blanket

The next day we went to Hershey Amusement Park.  It was a perfect day for fun, about 85 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze.  The kids grew in candy bar size over the year.  Adam went from a "peanut butter cup" height to a "Hershey bar".  Brandon went from a "Hershey kiss" to a "peanut butter cup".  A whole year older made a difference on how adventurous the boys were.  Brandon especially over came his fear of the water park and had a blast.

Wednesday was our day to relax and rest up.  In the morning we ventured out to downtown Lancaster.  Our first stop was the Fractured Prune  (donut shop).  We treated ourselves to made to order specialty donuts.

Back Row: french toast chocolate chip, carnival sprinkle
Front Row: Oreo crumble, banana nut bread

After our "nourishment" we went browsing in the quaint shops.  Adam even bought two new magic tricks from Ziggy's Magic Shop.

Thursday we headed to Philadelphia and New Jersey.  I actually didn't know we were going to New Jersey until we put in the coordinates for the GPS while visiting the Adventure Aquarium.  I had one major panic attack while traveling over the Ben Franklin Bridge, other than that Jersey was nice.

Ending our day at the Please Touch Museum was perfect.  The boys were able to run around and play, before the car ride back to the hotel.  On a side note, Jay driving through Philadelphia, cause for one more panic attack.

Our drive home Friday was detoured slightly for one more thing.  A tour of the QVC studios.  Those who know me, this was something I wanted to do for years.  The kids enjoyed it too.  They were able to see how television production works, it was very interesting.

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