Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wine Cork Place Card Holders

I was quite the busy little beaver today.  I had a list of unfinished projects that I checked off one at a time.   I have such a feeling of satisfaction.

Among the projects today was to finish a birthday present.  I actually started this project back in February when I put a plea on FB for wine corks.  It took a few mentions, but sure enough they started pouring in.  My friend Amy mailed them to me, and another local Oneonta friend handed me a whole bag full of corks. 

So what was my project?? It was actually two fold.  First I was making a trivet and needed eight corks for that.  Secondly I was making place card holders. Place card holders??? Let me explain.

I have a relative who shall remain nameless, that sets a beautiful holiday table.  After setting this wonderful table, our seats are designated with post-it notes.  Yes, those yellow sticky notes.  Sigh....so I saw these really really cute place card holders made from wine corks.  I believe I saw them in Williams-Sonoma (one of my favorite stores).  The only catch was, they were $4.95 a piece. 

I needed at least a dozen, and no matter how cute they were, I couldn't rationalize spending that.  This is how I came about asking, begging, pleading for wine corks (the one's made of real cork).

After collecting my stash, it was quite simple to do.  I took craft knife and sliced a thin amount off the bottom to make it flat.  This way the cork won't roll around on the table.  Then very carefully and with patience, start to make a slice in the top of the cork.  This is were the card stock will sit.  You want to work in small cuts, being careful not to split the cork in half.

 After scoring it deep enough and carving out the cork slit, test it with a piece of card stock to make sure the card will stay in place. I printed names of our family and left a few blank ones as well.  I really hope she likes it :)

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