Friday, July 13, 2012

Nowak's Take Manhattan (Part Deux)

While I was on blogging hiatus a lot happened.  I kept taking pictures, writing recipes, and journaling so I would be able to share. 

Back in December we took the boys to New York City for the first time.  You can check out this post: Nowak's Take Manhattan to see all of our first adventure.  Well, for Mother's Day, Jay surprised me with another trip to New York City.  We had already talked about taking the boys back in the spring or fall sometime, but I honestly wasn't expecting another trip so soon.

This trip was wonderful.  We learned from our first experience.  To eliminate Jay suffering from what I term "GPS Brain", I drove.  We made it to Poughkeepsie, in one piece and a bit early.  I overcame a fear of driving on bridges, and I managed to find the parking ramp on the first try (instead of driving in circles for 30 minutes). 

Arriving at the hotel, was like coming home, well to a second home.  Jay and I have always fantasized about buying property in the city.  After scouting out possible areas I would like to live, I have discovered it will remain a fantasy, unless I inherit a few million dollars.  Anyway, we settled into the hotel for the night.  The next morning, to save on money we ate breakfast in the hotel room. I packed shelf stable milk boxes, cereal, granola bars, etc.  We chilled them overnight in the fridge, and voila....saved about $25 on breakfast.

So let the adventure truly begin!  Jay was off to the visit the World Trade Center Memorials, while I took the boys to the American Museum of Natural History.  We ventured to our subway stop together.  Jay checked the train we were to get on, and then went the opposite direction to his destination.  Seems great right??  Well the hitch was the B train was not running.  So I punted and got on another train going the same direction.  This would have been OK, but I got on an express.  So as we were cruising by our stop, and then the next 6 to 7 stops, I started to worry.

Where did we wind up??? In the Bronx :)  A wonderful local girl in her 20's got us going on the correct train, and we made it to the museum just as they were opening.  We enjoyed the planetarium show and the dinosaurs. 

In the meantime, Jay was trying to get ahold of us to notify me of the subway change.  Yeah, I couldn't get reception in the museum, so we were without communication for about 3 hours.  After finally, getting ahold of us, we met outside the museum and headed to Central Park.  I did ask Jay what he was going to do if he couldn't find us....he replied with, " I was going to get a hot dog, cause I was hungry, then I would have called the police."  Thanks Jay, your stomach comes first ;)

At first I wasn't going to confess our subway mishap, then Jay told me about his little trip.  After changing trains, and going in the wrong direction, he wound up in Harlem.  See the great adventures we have!

On to Central Park.  It's beautiful and the boys loved playing there.  We even took a few rides on the carousel.

After our glorious day in the park, we took the boys to Time Square at night.  Brandon was convinced it was still daytime.  The next day, we sailed around Manhattan for a Mother's Day brunch cruise.  The food was fabulous, I experienced my first mimosa, and the boys were on their best behavior.  The perfect Mother's Day :)

So is our New York City adventure complete??? Not quite yet.  We are going again in September, except this time Jay's parents will be joining us.  We are going to do our best to show my father-in-law how much New York has changed since the 1970's.  Stay tuned for the tale of New York City Meets The Parents ;)

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