Saturday, July 28, 2012

Project Riverside Elementary

Most of the time I use my blog to vent frustrations, silly quirks, or just plain harass my husband.  He's normally a good sport about it.  Today, in all seriousness I have to say I am very proud of Jay.

Every summer Lowe's Heroes does a community project.  In previous years they have donated playgrounds and help to build rails for a therapeutic horse academy.  This year the project is very personal.  Lowe's Heroes built an outdoor picnic area for a local elementary.  It is personal because this is the new school my boys will attend in the fall.

With a collaborative effort from Riverside's principal, Melinda Murdock, and a creative team at Lowe's this project came together nicely.  The original request was for picnic tables.  That would have been simple enough, but Lowe's wanted to do more.  So it was decided to make a 24'x24' patio, fitted with four canopies, and 6 picnic tables.  Enough space to enjoy an outdoor lunch for a class or two, or a workspace for an activity.

This morning the Lowe's delivery truck made its appearance to drop off all the supplies.....

Say Hi to William (delivery truck driver)

digging out the patio area

painting the picnic tables

Adam helping load the stones

laying the patio block

building the canopies

coming together

After the picnic tables are finished drying, Riverside's new outdoor picnic area will be good to go!  I also need to mention all the volunteers worked through down pouring rain!  Lowe's will also be donating curtains for the windows in the gym.  This way assemblies can be held in there without the intrusion from glaring sun.

Another note:  Greater Plains Elementary won the $5,000 grant from Toolbox For Education.  Next weekend they will be building a garden area. 

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