Thursday, March 29, 2012

Marble Mania

Years ago my oldest son received a sand/water table for his birthday.  We have had many hours of fun with it, but this year I have decided to make it just a water table.  Sometimes the sand can get a bit messy.  Besides, what kid doesn't love to play in the water? 

To make it extra special, I bought Magic Marbles to play with in the table.  What are Magic Marbles??  Well, they are a neat little product than start very small, and when water is added, they "magically" turn into a gel marble.  Gel crystals that are the same concept have been used for years in the florist industry.  If you ever had a lucky bamboo plant stuck in a gel substance, it's the same type of product.

What I like about these marbles are they are fun way to teach science, predicting skills, and just plain fun.  They last a long time, can just be rinsed in water if they get too dirty, and when you are done playing add them to your soil to keep the plants hydrated.

I bought mine from QVC from the Roberta's product line.  I received five tubes in various colors for under $20.00.  Each tube will make five quarts of marbles.  So it will easily last the whole summer.  Here's a few pictures of them.

for reference I placed the grain along side of a M&M

after 4 hours in water, you have a gel marble

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