Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fashion In Bloom

I love fashion.  I don't always have the confidence to pull off the latest trends, but I watch all the fashion programs on T.V.  I really like "girlie" fashion, meaning pretty delicate silhouettes, floral prints, and pearls.  Oh I love pearls!

This season floral is trending big.  I was able to pick up two really pretty floral Toile cardigans for the season.  I also freshened up my wardrobe with two new jersey tiered skirts.  However, my biggest splurge was some new scarves.  It wasn't that much of a splurge because I got them on sale (there goes my girl math).  I was able to get three scarves for under $40, and they are from one of my most favorite designers, Isaac Mizrahi.

I believe you can freshen up an outfit just by adding a scarf.  I wear them all winter, and I change up the fabric for spring and summer.  Here are the new scarves I purchased:

Aren't they pretty?  I have worn two of them already and received compliments.  So look through your wardrobe, and instead of breaking the bank for the new season, purchase a few accessories :)

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