Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All Tied Up

I found a baby pillow pet to match the monkey print
I've been plugging away on a bunch of different projects.  The past few days I have been making fleece tied blankets. 

These blankets have been around at least ten years.  So it's nothing new, but I still love them.  Both of my boys were gifted blankets from my dear friend when they were babies.  They still have them on their beds.  In fact my youngest, insists on sleeping with his even during 90 degree summer temperatures. 

The blankets can be tailored to match any decor.  I have made them for children, Jay's parents, even his soon to be 89 year old grandmother.  I have one on our couch that is two solid colors to match our decor (this one is extra long, so two people can snuggle up under it).

So while making one of the blankets, my oldest son told me to post it on the blog.  I thought, no it's been out there for so long everyone knows how to make these.  Then I was thinking, maybe not everyone knows.  These are so simple to make, in fact my friend who gave me the instructions, literally did so over the phone.

So I took a few pictures so you can follow along.  Here's how to make a no-sew fleece tied blanket.

  • Purchase 2 kinds of fleece, 2 yards each. I used a pattern, and pulled out a coordinating color for the solid backing.
  • Lay out the fleece putting the wrong sides together.  Trim any uneven edges.

rainbow print backed in the purple

  • Cut out a 4 inch square from each corner.  This allows you to turn the corner when tying the blanket.

  • Cut 1" x 4" strips. I only cut one side of the blanket at at time.  This way I can put the project away and the strips don't get askew.  You can use a rotary cutter or scissors.  I just "eyeball" the cuts.

  • Begin tying each strip together, print and solid, in a simple knot.

  • Work your way around all four sides. 

The beauty about these blankets: machine wash and tumble dry!!!

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