Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pay It Forward

I participated in a FB thread called Pay It Forward 2012.  Basically you agree to make a  handcrafted item for the first five people who respond to your post.  Then those five people agree to do the same.  You have the whole year to get it done.  Good idea, right??

I signed up for my dear friend, Amy's.  I know it will be good, she is super crafty :)  I then re-posted it, and have five takers very quickly.  Among the five people who signed up for mine, three of them do not live locally.  Now I had to think of something I could hand craft, and yet still be easy enough to mail.

After a bit a thinking, I came up with beaded book marks.  I was already making some for my upcoming craft shows, so I had the supplies.  Last weekend I took the time to sit down and make them.  My oldest helped in picking out the beads.  They really are quite simple to make, and each of them is unique. (If I get enough requests, I will do a tutorial on them.)

I have handed out and mailed all of them.  The three out-of-towners, should have theirs very soon.  It felt so good to participate in this. 

How can you "pay it forward" ???  Think about it.

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