Monday, February 13, 2012

Fitness Update

It has been a month since Jay and I have been going to the YMCA.  I go five to six times a week, and Jay does about the same.  I go in the morning when I drop Brandon off at pre-school, and Jay goes after work, even sometimes on his lunch.

The point is, we are going!!!  I have noticed a few changes in my own body.  They aren't really noticeable to others, yet.  I  notice how my clothes are fitting.  While I have been in between sizes for a bit, I am finally down to the smaller size.  I have a big bag a clothes for the donation pile :)

I am getting closer to my goal day by day.  I also have to work harder to get my heart rate up, so I know I am doing well.  I have found myself having more patience throughout the rest of my day.  It is also helping in fighting the winter blues.

Both Jay and I are happier with ourselves and each other.  We keep encouraging each other too!  So go and encourage someone today.  Whether it be towards a fitness goal, education goal, or a personal goal, go and encourage someone!!!!

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