Monday, September 19, 2011

Snowman Kits

Last winter I got this great idea to make snowman kits.  A snowman kit, is simply the items needed to decorate a snowman, put together in a cute storage bag.  I thought it would make a fabulous gift idea for anyone who plays outdoors during the winter, and who has access to snow. 

I researched the kits online and was startled to find out they can cost upward of $30.00.  I knew with a little thought, creative shopping, and a bit of craftiness I could make this come to life at a much lower cost.  So here it is, my version of a snowman kit, that cost around $5.00 to make.

These kits are a wonderful gift idea for the holidays, a winter birthday, and a great teacher gift.  I know here in New York State, we have outdoor recess all year, and what a great thing to have the kids do together to promote teamwork.

The reason I am posting this now (in September) is most stores will start to put out the winter hats and scarves within a few weeks.  Stock up on the supplies now, and assemble the kits later on.

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Items you will need to assemble your kit:

cloth storage bag or tote
wooden or plastic carrot
hat (found at a dollar store)
scarf (found at a dollar store)
5 medium wooden discs, about 2 1/2 inch diameter
4 small wooden discs, about 1 3/4 inch diameter

Step one:  Decorate a cloth tote bag with a winter scene (let the kids help paint or draw), or sew a simple bag with festive fabric.  I made four storage bags, from one yard of snowflake material.

Step two:  Paint the wooden discs with a black craft paint.  The medium discs will be for the eyes and three buttons.  The small discs will be for the mouth.

Step three:  Print a cute hang tag onto card stock, listing the contents, and explaining the purpose of the kit.  Place all contents into bag.

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