Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Being Featured on Money Dearest

My blog has provided opportunities to share craft ideas, recipes, and useless knowledge.  The blogging community is really nice and supportive of fellow bloggers.

Well, on this Friday, September 9th, My Little Blogspot with be featured on Money Dearest.  She has a great blog on saving money.  Who doesn't need to save a little here and there.  She gives tips about couponing, give aways, and basic budgeting. 

I am being featured with my "Fried" Ice Cream dessert.  It is budget friendly for entertaining or treating yourself.  This will only cost about $1.15 per serving.  This dessert at a restaurant would easily cost $3.99 per serving. 

So go ahead and check out Money Dearest.  Show here some support, leave a comment telling her who sent you, and get some great tips in return.

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