Thursday, September 29, 2011

Couch Makeover

Something has been bothering me for years.  It's my couch.  I bought it over 10 years ago when I got my first apartment.  It was on sale, functional, and has a sleeper bed for guests.  When I first bought it I didn't mind the crazy colors in the paint swish pattern, circa 1985.  However, as I get older my tastes change and it really bothers me now.

The problem is I can't rationalize buying a new couch, when there isn't anything wrong with this one.  Eventually it will become a "basement" couch, if we ever buy a house with a finished basement :)  It is also becoming worn in the cushions, and very pilly.  My youngest son decided to pull some of the pills and made a small run in the cushion.  This was the perfect excuse for a makeover.

I originally bought a one piece Sure Fit slip cover in chocolate brown.  It looked fine, but the back corners just wouldn't tuck properly. 

It was only about $60.00 and I wondered if I could make it work.  After about an hour of debating, I went and bought the more expensive two piece Sure Fit slip cover.  It was $120.00 but after coupons I paid $100.00.  I think it is well worth it, but you can judge for yourself.  I also opted for a lighter taupe color and new accent pillows.

Now I think I can live with this for another decade!  Happy Thursday everyone :)

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