Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Somethings Are Worth The Extra Expense

I am a very budget minded person.  People laugh at me at how I scrutinize our budget and will go without certain luxuries.  I feel as CFO of the Nowak Corporation, I need to be very responsible on expenditures.  However, sometimes it is worth to pay a little extra for the convenience of certain things.

What am I referring to??? Window cleaner wipes.  I know it sounds really crazy that I would get so excited over a cleaning product. In fact excited enough to blog about it, but I recently broke down and bought some and love them. 

I am a cleaning fanatic. I am cleaning my house daily and actually find joy in it.  One of my gripes was the upstairs bathroom mirror.  This is the bathroom used by myself and two little boys.  The mirror always has fingerprints and toothpaste spatter on it.  No matter how many times I tell the boys to brush over the sink, it seems to wind up on the mirror.  It wasn't always convenient to go downstairs to the cleaning cupboard and get the glass cleaner and paper towels.  Then I thought about keeping a bottle of cleaner and paper towels upstairs, but honestly I live in an old house with limited storage space in the bathroom.  I tried using microfibers clothes, but it really didn't get the marks off.  The other cleaning wipes (not for glass), left the mirror streaked.

So I did it. I broke down and paid $2.97 for a canister of 30 glass cleaner wipes.  Oh my gosh, it was wonderful.  One wipe was enough to clean the large mirror, and was still moist enough to wipe down the faucet as well.  My opinion is, the price is well worth the convenience and my sanity of keeping a clean bathroom.  Now I don't have to yell at the boys everyday while brushing their teeth. I simply go behind them and wipe it down.

Have a happy Wednesday.  Come back this weekend and checkout a pot roast recipe. I am having dinner guests and will feature the recipe on Sunday!

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