Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cupcake Spotlight (January 2011)

Sorry this edition is late, but I was out of town and my parents do not have a computer.  So a little late, but I think worth it.  My husband took this batch into work and had a completely unbiased party taste them, and the verdict was: DELICIOUS!!!  

I wanted a cupcake that had a simple flavor to remind me of the clean crisp winter air of January.  I decided on a vanilla bean cupcake with vanilla mascarpone frosting. I made both regular and mini sizes this month.  I also frosted them two ways....a piping bag for a light touch and an ice cream scoop to resemble a snow ball.  Both of these versions could easily be topped with coconut or clear sugar crystals for a more winter appearance.

Next month's cupcake is in the works....any requests???? I am also working with a talented blogger who makes decorative cupcake sleeves.  I am hoping it will be spectacular!  Have a blessed started to the new year :o)

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