Monday, January 31, 2011

Cupcake Spotlight!!! (February 2011)

February conjures thoughts of romance and love.  All we see in the stores is red and pink decorations, hearts, and bunches of flowers.  I love Valentine's Day, especially now that I have children.  They are my special Valentines who I adore so much.  However, I can't forget the Valentine who gave me those two wonderful boys, Jay.

So, for this month's cupcake I decided to do a flavor he would enjoy.  This cupcake is inspired from his favorite ice cream flavor, cookies and cream.  I am also featuring a new cupcake "wrapper" this month.  These wrappers are only decorative and are applied after baking.  They add elegance and pizazz to any occasion. 

You can purchase the cupcake wrappers from a fellow blogger at Home and Holiday Keepsakes.  She makes them for numerous holidays and events.  I ordered several designs and I am happy with them all.  Click here for the recipe.
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