Thursday, December 9, 2010

Easy Ways to Gift Vanilla Sugar

So back in October I did a post about making vanilla sugar.  I promised I would give some easy ideas on how to use that vanilla sugar as gifts. Well here it is.  The gifts are simple to do, inexpensive, but are very thoughtful.  All the containers I used were all purchased at a craft store for under $2.00.

Idea #1  Vanilla sugar with a pound of your favorite coffee.  This can be wrapped in cellophane or just nestled in a gift bag.

Idea #2  Vanilla sugar in a mug with a small sample of coffee and some chocolates.  I decided on a neutral mug (to match anyones decor) that I got from my local department store.  I also used a smaller container of sugar.  I wrapped it in cellophane that I got from the grocery store, and included a tag on how to make additional vanilla sugar.

Idea #3  A larger container of vanilla sugar with a recipe for sugar cookies attached.  I used a simple jar and applied a rub on transfer to add a little design to the jar.  I wrapped this one in tissue and nestled it in a gift bag with a label that says "From the Kitchen of....".

Idea #4  Bake a batch of snicker doodle muffins, topped with vanilla cinnamon sugar, and give a small jar of sugar.  The recipient can use it with coffee or tea while enjoying the muffins.  I put the muffins on a holiday tray.

These ideas are just a jumping off point.  Be creative and give some wonderful and thoughtful gifts.  All of the gifts are under the $10 mark and can be given to a wide variety of people on your list. Click here for the snicker doodle muffin recipe.

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