Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Inspiration At CMOG (Corning Museum of Glass)

Over the spring break we ventured to CMOG (Corning Museum of Glass).  We met friends from Oneonta and had a really wonderful day.  We watched a hot glass show, glass breaking show, and a flame work show.  On our visit we also had the opportunity to create our own design on a glass piece and then sandblast it, which was super fun too!

So, while at CMOG you have the opportunity to draw a design that may be featured during the flame work show.  Adam submitted a flower in a pot and Brandon submitted a cartoon-ish bear.  To our surprise both boys had their work chosen throughout the day. 

It was amazing watching the glass artist make the drawings come to life.  Adam's was first and the artist, Kaitlin, said she had never done a flower in a pot.  She was experimenting as she went along, but the end result was precious.

Then the last show of the day, Brandon's name was called.  He was excited to see his bear made into glass.  Kaitlin even captured the goofy little smile Brandon draws on all his animals.

The next day you are allowed to pick up the items or have them shipped if you are not in the area.  I chose to have them shipped, and they arrived a few days ago.  The museum also sends back the drawings, so it makes a wonderful keepsake.

I suggest to plan a visit to the museum if you are near Corning, NY (kids under 19 are free).  It was a lovely day, filled with fun shows, activities to participate in, exhibits of glass throughout the world and spanning centuries, and even a little café to grab a bite to eat.

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