Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm Back!

It has been a year since I put My Little Blogspot to bed.  Over the last year so much has happened, and I have missed sharing our crazy lives, recipes, craft projects and tips.  In my last post I had mentioned about using up storage space, so I have spent time freeing up some space (and hopefully found the solution).  I deleted some pictures and posts.  Not to worry, all the recipes are in tact!

So I am going to give it another go.  Here's a brief overview of our last year:

  • Moved home
  • Went to Disney World (first time for me and the boys)
  • Went to Hawaii
  • Volunteering at the kids school
  • Endless time spent with family
  • Saw Billy Joel in concert at Madison Square Garden (bucket list item)
  • Rekindled my relationship with exercise
As you can see we have been busy.  Out of all the things on the list, the most treasured is the time spent with family.  I see my mom three to four times a week instead of three to four times a year :)

Stayed tuned for a tutorial on Fright Pencils, a cute craft that will surely be a hit with the kiddos.  In the meantime, I am thinking warm thoughts on this snowy April day!

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