Monday, August 23, 2010

Handy Toothbrush

Over the last week I have visited the dentist as well as the boys.  Adam was wonderful for his cleaning and exam. We also discovered that he has his first loose tooth and is very excited about getting money from the tooth fairy!  Brandon while not as cooperative as Adam did well too. He is no longer tongue-tied, which is wonderful news, and his teeth and gums look great.  And for a little report on my visit, I held still and cooperated but now have entered into the world of sensitive teeth. So my much loved Crest toothpaste is on the shelf and I have to start brushing with Sensodyne.  Now that everyone is updated on our dentist check-ups, I'll get to the actual point of this post. 
Last Christmas, my husband's grandmother bought the kids toothbrushes that light up.  The brand was firefly and I thought it was cute enough. Not until I started using it with the boys, did I see the helpfulness of this product.  Basically, you push the end of the brush to activate the light and it stays on for about 90 seconds. This helps both the boys and myself to make sure they are brushing long enough.  It also saves everyone in the house from listening to me sing ABC's or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  I have bought several more of these tooth brushes over the last year and just wanted to share with everyone out in the blog-o-sphere how handy they are.  It makes it fun for them to brush and anything I can do to make personal hygiene fun for toddlers, I am all for. 

p.s.  I also love the neon colored dental flossers, both boys let me floss them as long as they can pick their color :o)

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