Friday, August 20, 2010

Easy Fall Wall Hanging

Fall is approaching sooner than we think. For me I start thinking of fall in the early summer, not because I am wishing summer away but because I am a crafter. The fall craft show season starts the end of August for most crafters/vendors.  I don't get to do any shows in Oneonta, but my mom still helps me out in Buffalo while I am away.  I took inventory and decided to make some fall walling hangings. These are super easy to do and can cost as little as $10 worth of materials and about thirty minutes of your time.  I was super excited to share this one, because you can personalize it for your decor and really match your style.  These are done with silk flowers but can easily be done with dried for a more country inspired look.  Here's what you need to get started:

1 medium floral bush (about 10 to 12 stems on the bush)
1 small filler floral bush (about 6 stems, filler being leaves or tiny coordinating flowers)
floral wire and floral tape
3 yards of ribbon (wire edged is preferred)
wire cutters and scissors

All of these items can be found at a craft store, dollar store, and department store such as Walmart

  • First cut all the stems from the bush
  • Arrange like stems in like piles
  • Then decide if you want to hang the arrangement horizontal or vertical (the ones shown are vertical)
  • If you decide to hang horizontal make two equal bunches of flowers and filler and wrap at the bottom with floral wire to make a bouquet (just arrange the stems in your hand until they have a pleasant look to them) 
  • If you decide to hang vertical, make two bouquets as mentioned in previous step, but make one bunch slightly fuller (that will be the bottom)
  • Next take the two bouquet bottoms to meet in the middle and wire together, pictured below

  • Now all you have to do is add a bow in the middle and use the wire from the bow to make a loop on the back to use as a hanger.
  • If you don't know how to make a bow, when you purchase your ribbon at the craft store ask them to make a three yard bow for you. There is a fee for this, but it's minimal.
  • If necessary, gently fluff the arrangement (fluff = pull the stems into place until pleasing to the eye)
You can use these same steps for any season or holiday, by simply changing the kind of flowers you use. Go ahead and give it a try, and remember if it doesn't turn out the first time, just take it apart and start again. There is nothing that can't be redone, believe me I have redone a lot over the years :o)

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