Friday, October 23, 2015

Craft Show Season

I have been doing craft shows for almost 25 years.  I started when I was in high school as a way to earn money for a trip to Mexico with Spanish Club.  I found a love for them, and I have wrangled my mom into them as well.

People always ask what I do??  Well, it has evolved over the years.  I do sell Rada Cutlery, but I also sell knitted items, embroidered items, children's little items (like book marks, pencils, etc.), and I do wall décor.  Wall décor always gets a few raised brows, people not being exactly sure what those items may be.

So I decided to post some pictures of this years creations. 

My last two craft shows are 10/23/15 at St. John the Baptist is Alden and Elma United Methodist Church Bazaar on 12/5/15.

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