Friday, July 24, 2015

New Smoothie Machine

Ninja Storm Designer Series 400 Watt 40 oz. Food & Drink Maker

I love a new kitchen gadget, especially one that comes in fun colors.  Well, I bought a new fuchsia gadget for making smoothies.  Now, it can be used for a many other things, but I bought it for mixing up my protein drinks.

 I wanted it for one main reason.  Easy clean up.  I have a Vitamix, which I love, but sometimes it is a pain to clean.  In the morning I want to mix up a quick 8 oz. breakfast drink, and I really don't feel like cleaning the bigger blender.  So more times than not, I skip the smoothie. 

While watching QVC the other day, I saw a cute little Ninja.  Now they were showing all the great things it can do, but all I saw was easy peasy smoothie mixer.  The bonus was it came in a gazillion colors.  I of course chose the pink option. 

Tonight I used it for the first time, and in about 90 seconds I was enjoying a chocolate peanut butter smoothie.  I paused my drinking and cleaned the new machine in about 30 seconds.  Yep, I am a happy smoothie maker.   It is still currently available from QVC, just search Ninja Storm.  It's under $30.00, so go ahead and give it a try.

 Now I need to find all new recipes to try out.

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