Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Dinner Date

I have been neglectful to my blog, my health, and my happiness.  That is a big statement, but true on all accounts.  I have become very complacent over the last few months, and have been trying to just get along.  Are there reasons for this? Absolutely.  Are these reasons excuses?  No, and nor should they be. I need to own it and change it.

So what brought about this epiphany?  A little visit from on old friend.  I was very blessed yesterday, when my dear friend traveled over 300 miles with a bad back to have dinner with me.  While we keep in touch through messaging, we haven't seen each other in about eighteen months.  She is moving on to a new chapter of her journey, but she took time out to have dinner with me.

We used to have lunch dates weekly when I lived in Oneonta (sometimes twice in one week).  During those lunch dates our friendship blossomed, and I knew I had a friend for life.  Our conversations ranged from food, to children, to travel, and to our passions.  I was remembering today a conversation from a few years back, that had my friend telling me she was thinking about changing her career path.  I was excited for her and one of her biggest supporters. 

A lot of people want to change things in life and do nothing.  What was different about her statement was, she actually did it.  She gathered the knowledge, training, and experience she needed and embarked on a new adventure.  I have always been so proud of her!

While remembering that moment today, I decided I am taking charge of the things I want to change.  First, my poor neglected blog.  I promise to keep updating recipes, crafts, and posting about the changes in our lives.  Secondly, I have slacked on my exercise regime for the last six months.  That is done!  I am getting back on my routine and putting myself first.  Finally, my happiness.  That will be the hardest one to work on.  I am a people pleaser, so I tend to say yes and put off my own needs. Let's just say that will be a work in progress.

My dinner date and late night conversation was inspiring. Sometimes the kick in the pants comes at the most unexpected times.  The trick is to recognize it and use it! 

Tomorrow I will rekindle my interest in the quilt I started over the summer.  I will keep you posted on how it goes :)

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