Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What Will It Be???

Sometimes in life you are asked to be a part of something very special.  A few weeks ago, I was having some dark moments, when everything seemed very dim.  Then I got a message from a friend letting me know she was expecting.  That was wonderful news by itself. 

Then she asked if I would be a part of their special moment of revealing the gender?? I was thrilled!  I needed some happiness and this was right up my alley.  So, today the happy couple had their ultrasound to find out the gender.  I was brought the envelope, and I made a gender reveal cake for their party.

This was so exciting!! I know even before the expectant parents.  I treasure moments like these.  So what will it be? Boy or girl?  Well, I can't tell just yet.....I am awaiting pictures ;)

Here are a few pictures, although I blurred out the baby's last name....the writing is the daddy's original verbiage.


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