Thursday, October 4, 2012

My First Sewing Class

Last night, I went to my first sewing class.  Now it's not the first time I have sewed, but it was the first formal lesson I had.  I learned the basics years ago from my mom, but I wanted to expand my knowledge.  Our project last night was an apron.

At first, the thought of sewing an apron was very daunting.  However, after a bit it started to make sense.  I will admit, I was so scared and nervous.  Before I left the house, I tried to tell Jay I wasn't going.  He answered me with, "you paid for it, and you are going".  Okay, he's right, but I have anxiety when it comes to classes.  I was always the kid in the back of the class never raising her hand.  So, about an hour into it, my shaking hands settled and I started cruising along. 

I also learned, I need a refresher course on rulers and measurements.  I felt so badly for the instructor and her helper, at my inability to cut the proper pieces.  They were patient, and helped me along.  I also learned, I really want a cutting mat and rotary cutter ;) 

After three hours, lots of laughs, and determination my apron was complete!  I think it came out cute.  In fact, every one's was a success.  So for all my local Oneonta friends, check out Project Anthologies for classes.  As for non-Oneonta friends, check out her online store!

ice cream cone center panel, accented with blue and brown
polka dot waistband and ties

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