Saturday, June 16, 2012

I Love My Kindle Fire

Love the turquoise Gum Drop Case &
 the Vera Bradley sleeve
I have a new toy...yes I do.  About a month or so ago, I purchased a Kindle Fire.  Oh, how I love thee. 

At first I was very hesitant about reading a book on an electronic device.  I love to hold a book, turn the pages, even the musty smell of old books.  I never expected to like reading a book on a computer screen.  Initially, I thought it would be nice to have an e-reader for traveling, but I also wanted to be able to check my email and have web access while traveling.  This is what solidified my decision. 

I received the Kindle right before our Mother's Day trip to New York City (which by the way was an absolutely wonderful trip).  I downloaded a few apps for the kids while riding on the train, a book for myself, and I purchased a case to protect it from any accidental drops.  We were on our way, and this is what began my love affair with my Kindle.

The kids were able to play their games on the train or while waiting for a table at a restaurant.  I was able to read my book at night in the hotel room while the kids were sleeping.  Did I mention, the screen illuminates, so you don't need a light on to read?  I also downloaded a few books for the kids to read.  I was able to check my email while away too.

By the end of the trip, I think I was addicted to my Kindle.  I now use it at night in bed to play Words With Friends, read, or do online shopping :) 

The other great thing I discovered since purchasing my Kindle Fire, was Amazon Prime.  It came free for one month, which gives perks of free apps and books.  However, it also gives you free two day shipping on most items from Amazon, without having a minimum purchase.  I used that feature twice the first month I had it.

While I still love to read a hard copy book, I have also found an appreciation for an e-reader. Yes, I have evolved and am trying to keep up with the times.

Happy Saturday!

p.s.  What was the first book I downloaded to read???? Fifty Shades of Grey, and yes I have read all three ;)  It takes a brave girl to admit that!

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