Friday, December 16, 2011

Chocolate Dipped Oreo's!

Previously I posted about chocolate covered treats.  Well, my wonderful husband wanted to contribute to Chocolate Covered Anything Day at work.  I am very tired this holiday season, and decided he could make the contribution.  Trying to think of his skill level, we decided on chocolate covered Oreo's. 

When he came home from work last night, I had everything set up for him.  I explained what a double boiler was and how to temper the chocolate.  Once he succeeded with melting of the chocolate, I showed him how to dip one Oreo.  The rest was up to him.  I did act as a sous chef.  I moved his trays to the Florida room to chill, and I cleaned up the kitchen.  However, all the hard work and decorating was left up to him.

So, what's the lesson for today???  Don't be intimidated about making chocolate covered treats.  If my husband can do it, ANYONE CAN!!!! 

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