Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good Shoes For Bad Feet

Wow, November feels like it's almost over.  This is such a busy month for us, between school activities, my little one turning four, and Thanksgiving I don't which way to turn.  Luckily I have new shoes to help through all the hustle and bustle.

I titled this good shoes for bad feet.  Yes, I have extremely bad feet.  When I was younger I wore the "fashionable" shoes and ignored the stress it put on my feet.  That was until I needed to have some foot surgery on my toes.  I would wear very pointy shoes, and by pinching my toes I wound up with repeated ingrown nails.  I finally had to have surgery on both big toes to remedy the situation.  Then I started wearing a shoe with a wider toe box.  The only problem was the shoes weren't very stylish.

Fast forward another ten years and now I have problems with my arches and heels.  The thought of standing first thing in the morning is horrifying.  My heels feel like I have stones in them for the first hour of the day.  So I bought myself a pair of really good slippers that I could use as house shoes.  We have almost all hard surfaces in our house and it is very painful to walk bare foot.  I love the slippers.  They are Clark's and are built on a shoe foot bed.  Very comfy!! 

I decided I was going to have to bite the bullet and pay a little more for shoes that would be comfortable and fashionable.  I went to our local shoe store and bought a pair a brown Sketchers for everyday walking.  Then I went back the next week and bought a pair of Clark's clogs from the Bendables line.  Both shoes are very comfortable and cute.  However, I was still missing a cute pair of flats that I could wear with jeans or to church. 

I was browsing online at  and stumbled across super cute flats.  There were from Isaac Mizarahi and too cute to pass up.  I ordered black and a neutral snakeskin pattern.  The shoes arrived last week and I am in love.  Not only are they comfortable they are stylish.  BINGO!!!!!  I found the formula to good shoes: Pay a little more for designer shoes.  I hesitated paying $50 for a pair of flats, but then I when I thought how many seasons I would have them, it worked out to be a good buy :)

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