Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Storage Idea All Locked Up

This morning I decided to walk the boys to our local farmers market. It's a wonderful place to buy fresh produce straight from the farmers. Our market even features farms specializing in organic farming practices. Today's purchases were green beans and baby carrots that still had the green tops on. And of course, Adam & Brandon got a gigantic sugar cookie to eat on the way home.

So after this mornings finds, I removed them from my reusable shoppers tote, and got out my storage containers. My trusty Lock N Lock is the topic of today's chatter.  I use Lock N Lock all the time throughout the house. Mainly in the kitchen but also in my craft corner. Adam also will be taking it this year in his lunch box.  I know there are various different storage possibilities (and believe me I have a lot of them, including Rubbermaid & Tupperware), however recently I have been using my Lock N Lock a lot more. 

The reason I love these so much is they are so versatile.  They can go from fridge to freezer, to microwave, and then into the dishwasher.  Besides being the little multi-tasker in storage needs, they are also leak proof. This is the numero uno reason they will be accompanying Adam to school this year. Once the lids are locked down, no spills.  Finally the mention of the lids is the other reason I love Lock N Lock. They are very kid and adult friendly. The snapping up or down of the four sides is easy on the hands for someone who struggles with arthritis. They are also simple enough to open that my 2 year can do it.

At any given time in my fridge you will find numerous Lock N Lock in all shapes and sizes.  Now you can find them at your local grocery store a la carte or you can buy them in sets on QVC. So give these handy little guys a try and see for yourself.

p.s. here's a tip....if you order them from QVC you have 30 day money back guarantee

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